Parts & Accessories 

We offer a broad range of parts and accessories to lift your experience with Labwit equipment. Whether it is shaking trays, flask clamps, or spring pallets, we let you keep it real with Labwit genuine parts. Please take a few minutes to go through our pdf catalogs. Do not hesitate to contact us or your local authorized dealer for more details.


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Standard Shaking Trays (For Shaking Incubators)

    • As a basic platform for all shaking equipments, shaking tray/s are included with the main units. Two trays are included with all double layer units. Extra shaking trays can be ordered separately if necessary. 
    • All shaking trays are made of high quality stainless steel, and carefully perforated with standard holes distance intervals, which offers 100% flexibility for any attachment combinations on the shaking tray, for example, flask clamp, test tube racks, or 96 well pales, etc. 
Code Descriptions
P6001 Tray for ZWY-103B/D, S/S 
P6002 Tray for ZWY-100H/100D, S/S 
P6003 Tray for ZWF-100, S/S 
P6004 Tray for ZWY-240/200D, S/S 
P6005 Tray for ZWF-200, S/S 
P6006 Tray for ZWY-111B/211B/111C/211C/A211C, S/S 
P6007 Tray for ZWY-111D/211D/A211D, S/S 
P6008 Tray for ZWF-111/211/A211, S/S 
P6009 Tray for ZWY-111G/211G, S/S 
P6010 Tray for ZWY-1102C/2102C/A2102C, S/S
P6011 Tray for ZWY-1102/2102/A2102, S/S
P6012 Tray for ZWY-1112B/2112B/A2112B/1112D/2112D/, S/S 
P6013 Tray for ZWF-1112/2112/A2112, S/S 
P6014 Tray for ZWY-110X30, S/S
P6015 Tray for ZWY-110X50, S/S 



P6004 and flasks


P6006 and Attachments




Other Shaking Trays (For Shakers & Rockers) 


Code Descriptions
P6016 Tray for ZWY-304/ZWF-334, S/S Clamp Tray
P6017 Tray for ZWY-304/ZWF-334, S/S Bar Trayx1, Rubber Barx4, Knobx8
P6018 Tray for ZWQ-344, Stl S/C Trayx1, with springx4, Rubber Matx1
P6019 Tray for ZWF-B331/B3312, Stl S/C 
P6020 Tray for ZWY-322B/3222B Stl S/C 
P6021 Tray for ZWY-322C/B3222 Stl S/C 
S/S Stainless Steel; Stl S/C Spray powder coated steel











Flask Clamps

    • All flask clamp attachments are designed for various Erlenmeyer flasks, made of high-quality stainless steels.
    • The screw pins on the bottom of the clamps is used to fix on the standard trays through the holes. Clamps of 750ml size and below are equipped with 1 pin per unit.
    • Clamps of 1L size and above are equipped with 4 pins per unit, and of premium spring stainless steel, for better security and grip.
    • We offer customized clamps for Schott glass bottles, Fernbach flasks, or your individual requests. Contact us to discuss your requirements. 


Code Descriptions
P8001 Clamp, S/S, for 50ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
P8002 Clamp, S/S, for 100ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
P8003 Clamp, S/S, for 250ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
P8004 Clamp, S/S, for 500ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
P8005 Clamp, S/S, for 750ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
P8006 Clamp, S/S, for 1000ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
P8007 Clamp, Spring S/S , for 2000ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
P8008 Clamp, Spring S/S, for 3000ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
P8009 Clamp, Spring S/S, for 5000ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
P8013 Clamp, S/S, for 150ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
P8014 Clamp, S/S, for 300ml Flask, with Spring Retainer



P8001, P8002, P8003, P8004


Glass Bottles & Clamps


Tube Racks & 96 Well Plate Clamp

        • Tube racks are available in stainless steel and ABS plastic.
        • P8010 stainless steel tube rack set contains one clamp holder and one stainless steel rack. With two adjusting knobs, the rack itself can be randomly fixed at 0-90 degree angles.
        • P8011 ABS plastic tube rack set include a stainless steel clamp and an ABS plastic tube rack.
Code Descriptions
P8010 Tube Rack S/S
P8011 Tube Rack ABS Plastic
P8012 Clamp for 96 Well Plate, S/S 



Tube Racks






Universal Spring Pallets

      • Universal spring pallet is designed to offer great flexibility for holding uncommon vessels and containers.
      • Available for most shakers, rockers and shaking incubators.
Code Descriptions
P7001 Universal Tray for ZWY-103B/103D
P7002 Universal Tray for ZWY-100H/100D
P7003 Universal Tray for ZWY-240/200D, ZWYR-240/200D
P7004 Universal Tray for ZWF-100
P7005 Universal Tray for ZWF-200, ZWFR-200
P7007 Universal Tray for ZWY-111B/211B/111C/211C, ZWYR-211C, Ful Pcs
P7008 Universal Tray for ZWY-111D/211D, ZWYR-211D, Ful Pcs
P7009 Universal Tray for ZWF-111/211, ZWFR-211, Ful Pcs
P7010 Universal Tray for ZWY-111G/211G, Ful Pcs
P7011 Universal Tray for ZWY-1102C/2102C, ZWYR-2102C
P7012 Universal Tray for ZWY-1102/2102, ZWYR-2102, Ful Pcs
P7013 Universal Tray for ZWY-1112B/2112B, ZWYR-2112B, Ful Pcs
P7014 Universal Tray for ZWF-1112/2112, ZWFR-2112, Ful Pcs
P7015 Universal Tray for ZWY/ZWYK-110X30
P7016 Universal Tray for ZWY/ZWYK-110X50
P7017 Universal Tray for ZWY-304/ZWF-334
P7018 Universal Tray for ZWF-B331/B3312
P7019 Universal Tray for ZWY-322B/3222B
P7020 Universal Tray for ZWY-322C/B3222
P7022 Universal Tray for All Hrzntl Model, 1/2 Pcs
P7023 Universal Tray for All Dbl Lyr Model, 1/2 Pcs





Gabled Lids (For Shaking Water Baths)

  • This steeply gabled lid and inward-sloped tank rim allow condensate to drain neatly back into the bath, preventing condensate from dripping onto the samples.
  • Provide extra working headroom within the bath, highest point in lid of 100mm.
Code Descriptions
P8015 Gabled Lid for ZWYK/ZWY-110X30, S/S
P8016 Gabled Lid for ZWYK/ZWY-110X50, S/S





Grid Plates (For Incubators & Drying Ovens)

    • Anti-tilt design with high quality stainless steel 
Code Descriptions
P9001 Grid Plate for ZXDP-A2050B, S/S
P9002 Grid Plate for ZXDP-A2080B, S/S
P9003 Grid Plate for ZXDP-A2120B, S/S
P9004 Grid Plate for ZXDP-A2160B, S/S
P9005 Grid Plate for ZXDP-A2270B, S/S
P9006 Grid Plate for ZXGP-A2050B, S/S
P9007 Grid Plate for ZXGP-A2080B, S/S
P9008 Grid Plate for ZXGP-A2160B, S/S
P9009 Grid Plate for ZXGP-A2270B, S/S
P9010 Grid Plate for ZXSD-A1090, ZXSR-1090, S/S
P9011 Grid Plate for ZXSD-A1160, ZXSR-1160, S/S
P9012 Grid Plate for ZXSD-A1270, ZXSR-1270, S/S
P9013 Grid Plate for ZXSD-A1430, ZXSR-1430, S/S
P9014 Grid Plate for ZXMP-A1150, S/S
P9015 Grid Plate for ZXMP-A1230, S/S
P9016 Grid Plate for ZXMP-A1430, S/S
P9017 Grid Plate for ZXRD-B5030, S/S
P9018 Grid Plate for ZXRD-B5055, S/S
P9019 Grid Plate for ZXRD-B5110, S/S
P9020 Grid Plate for ZXRD-B5210, S/S
P9021 Grid Plate for ZXRD-7080, S/S
P9022 Grid Plate for ZXRD-7140, S/S
P9023 Grid Plate for ZXRD-7230, S/S
P9024 Grid Plate for ZXFD-B5040, S/S
P9025 Grid Plate for ZXFD-B5090, S/S
P9026 Grid Plate for ZXFD-B5140, S/S
P9027 Grid Plate for ZXFD-B5250, S/S
P9028 Grid Plate for ZXFD-B5430, S/S
P9029 Grid Plate for ZXFD-B5600, S/S
P9030 Grid Plate for ZXSP-A0160, ZXSR-0160, S/S
P9031 Grid Plate for ZXSP-A0270, ZXSR-0270, S/S
P9032 Grid Plate for ZXSP-A0430, ZXSR-0430, S/S