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Introducing ZWYR-D Stackable Shaking Incubator:

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15:45 PM

Advanced Expert for Your Cell Culture Incubation! 


LABWIT introduces premium stackable shaking incubators, which has been specially designed for modern labs of versatile functional requirement but with limited space. This ZWYR-D series shaker can be stacked up to three units high, providing laboratory professionals tripled culture capacity, while still only occupying the same ?footprint? of a single shaker. Units are available in single, double and triple stacks.


This series features large touch screen panel clearly indicates all parameters in one page display. With PID and fuzzy logic to control temperature, the unit creates perfect temperature condition ranging from 4-60? with 0.1? accuracy. Each stack unit features fully insulated, fold-down door with double-glaze glass window for high visibility. On all refrigerating models, microprocessor controller provides unmatched versatility by enable users to create personalized program (with up to 9 segments, with cycling) to automate changes to function parameters on a time-basis.


The dedicated sliding shaking platform provides convenient access to your experiment products. Heavy-duty, eccentric drive mechanism allows extended speed ranges from 30 to 300rpm, ±1 rpm with minimized vibration, even when shakers are stacked of three high. Robust brushless AC motor enables shaking motion quiet and smooth, even when unit is operating at top speed with maximum workload. Interior chamber light enhances observation.


This shaker has a range of safety features. For example, non-volatile memory saves settings during a power outage and automatically restarts the unit after power is restored. Heater shuts off when high-temperature limit is exceeded. Shaker stops when excess vibration is detected or when door is opened. Audible and visual alarms alert user of setpoint deviations, and can be muted.


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