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Starting on its foundation in 1998, LABWIT Scientific has always been a company that relies on its wide product portfolio of highest quality, puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction as well as service quality and sustains the strength of its past into the future. In addition to its admirable development, modern production plant and powerful distribution systems; thanks to the recognition built on its customer orientation and uncompromised quality of its precise products, LABWIT Scientific today is a reputable, widely preferred global player achieving a steady growth rate every year.


LABWIT Scientific is driven by innovations and its extensive product ranges are at the cutting-edge internationally for both industrial and scientific applications where temperature and atmosphere control are paramount. It is committed to the fact that our society needs to continue to undertake research, deliver world-class healthcare, and ultimately improve health standards in all areas where LABWIT Scientific makes valuable contributions.


Having built its reputation for quality and value on laboratory equipment, LABWIT Scientific have established its enormous global distribution networks in more than 40 countries. Please check with your local distributors for detailed product availabilities.   

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Quality Control

LABWIT Scientific is a company providing and developing complete solutions, designing integrated systems, helping selection of proper technology,  supplying equipment for the needs of researchers, technicians working in the field of analysis and tests and R&D, as well as providing after-sales supporting services. It is his responsibility to improve its service quality continuously and provide comprehensive technical services for full satisfaction of customers. 

    • We keep everything made in-house! Sheet metal processing, Mechanism driver, PCB, Cooling system and structure assembly, testing and examinations.
    • Introduction of CNC machineries has upgraded the productivity of sheet metal processing by 2 times.
    • Complete production recording booklet for further detailed after service tracing back.
    • 48 hrs testing and ageing process in test rooms.
    • Constant temperature test room simulates the virtual conditions of laboratories. 
    • ISO Class 8 test room ensures the integrity of the HEPA filters 
    • The quality management system has been assessed and registered against provision of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 with NQA
    • All products has CE mark approval from DNV. 

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